Chamber Choir

La Batalla

Friday 6 June 2008, 19:30 - 21:30
St Mary-le-Bowmap ]
London EC2V 6AU

Orlando Chamber Choir
James Weeks, director
Gavin Roberts, organ

Orlando Chamber Choir battles it out with a famous French song of battle, and wins with a Spanish Mass for Victory.

In the famous chanson La guerre by Clément Janequin the choir imitates hectic sounds of battle including trumpet calls, cannon fire and cries of victory. The chanson inspired Spain's foremost Renaissance composer Tomás Luis de Victoria to write his extravagant nine-part Missa pro victoria - said to have been a favourite of the Spanish King Philip III, so our concert comes with royal recommendation. The programme also includes choral works by Juan Cererols and organ works by Antonio de Cabezón and Sebastian de Heredia.


Clément Janequin (c.1485 - 1558)
La guerre
Tomás Luis de Victoria (c.1548 - 1611)
Missa pro victoria
Sebastián de Heredia (1561 - 1627)
Dos vajos de 8o tono (organ)
Joan Cererols (1618 - 1680)
Suspended, cielos, vuestro dulce canto
Antonio de Cabezón (1510 - 1566)
El canto del Cavallero (organ)
Joan Cererols (1618 - 1680)
Ay! que me muero
Sebastián de Heredia (1561 - 1627)
Obra de 8o tono alto: Ensalada (organ)
Tomás Luis de Victoria (c.1548 - 1611)
Ave Maria a 8